Thursday, April 12, 2007

Babylon AD : will it ever end ?!

Maybe some of you are already aware of it : i am part of the 11 happy traceurs working on Mathieu Kassovitz' new action/anticipation film : Babylon AD.

We've already been twice in Ostrava (Czech Republic)to do some shooting, and we're heading back there on the 17th of april for the last remaining scenes. The film is not about Parkour but features a few short scenes involving Parkour. Release date, from what i've heared, is planned for either next november or january of 2008.

I'll post some photos and a summary when i get back to France.


After only 3 days of shooting, we're back in France before heading back again to Prague in just a few days (no wonder films cost so much !). What can i say about these 3 days ? The most boring ones in all the shooting !
I was carrying pots, and pressing buttons in the background from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. : yeah !

Here are just a few photos, out of the millions we took on the sets. I'll update this message when the shooting will be completely finished.


The shooting that never ends...

We're back from Prague after just one day of shooting (which was supposed to be the last one), and we just learned that we still have 2 scenes to work on. I can't argue as it is a very exciting experience, but i really want to start travelling now !
Normally the remaining scenes shouldn't take too long to shoot. Thanks, by the way, to everyone for your very nice comments. I read them with all my attention and they make me very happy !

Stay tuned...


Sofia Magalhães said...

Can't wait to see you at the movie! I will tell everyone "hey thats thomas!" haha I miss you. Come to Brasilia in july!

jean said...

Hi Bro
I hope your movie is going on well and i'm eager to see you soon on the big screen
Nice blog man i kinda understand better your philosophy
Come and see us soon in Paris wish you the best

Anonymous said...

Hi thomas... I speak not very often with you, but i hope that your film will successful. And i think maybe is a big step for other works for you and it is the best gift to your effort. And it is good for learn!

Julian said...

hey thomas, keep up with the updates, especially the photographs i watch eagerly 0_0
take care :)

tim said...

Hey Tom, j'te vois plus sur msn on m'a dis que tu as changé d'adresse ? Si tu te souviens de mon adresse tu peux m'rajouter :p ?
A bientot

Anonymous said...
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