Friday, June 1, 2007

It's a wrap, folks !

The shooting of Babylon A.D. is over. The last scene we had to work on was cancelled...
Too bad, it was going to be the most exciting to shoot (parkour car-chase scene) ! I have loads and loads of photos but i'll wait before posting them since the film is not out yet.
I hope it'll be good !

Just in case they ever read these lines, i wish to give a very warm and sincere thanks to a few great people with whom i've had the delightful pleasure of working on this film. It's not true what people say, you don't only find arrogant, empty people in the world of cinema, these persons are the living proof :

Mathieu Kassovitz, Alain Figlarz and his team, Lambert Wilson, Jérome Le Banner, the very kind Michelle Yeoh and of course, my ten hacker/traceur friends !


The Saiyans said...

Hey Thomas, home safe then..
I'm sorry to find out the Babylon AD
team has dropped the car-chase scene, it did sound cool..oh'well.
Get the photos up asap, we all want to see em. Some of the photos i was lucky to have a look at where SO funny, D.Belle and you asleep on the bus!! It was a little odd to see the top guys in the world just hanging out like us lol don't know why!
I cant wait to see my friend on the big scene, pushing the buttons and pulling them levers..
Just wish you didnt tell me the ending of the movie mate lol
Anyway i didnt comment on you trip just yet, thats for you..
Take care Brother.

Sofia Magalhães said...

Hello Thomas! So now you are a free man to travel! Ok, come to brasilia tomorrow! haha

Cant wait to see those photos. Its good to see that you enjoyed to do this work! Lets hope there would be other ones for you, right? It seems to be a really nice experience.

Bye bye take care, miss you

thej said...

Hi.. I am a fans of Michelle Yeoh.. Feel really envy to u cos u hv the chance to work with her..

Is her really kind? hehe.. I believe so! =D


§antigas said...

Hi Thomas!
Do you remenber me? Pedro, from Brasil. So, its all done, congratulations man. It seems to be a great experience be a part of a project like that, involving Parkour! Now we're waiting here in Brasil(Brasilia) for your next visit, ok?

hugs, and take care.