Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Photos of my cycling trip

Here are some of the photos of my trip, it's not much as i am not a very good photographer and it really doesn't do justice to the intensity of some of the places i have seen, but at least it will give you a glimpse. There were so many things during this trip that i have not photographed or spoken about, because i couldn't or didn't want to for different reasons so again, these photos will only show a tiny portion of the whole thing.
I have added explanations to several of them too.

The photos can be found by clicking HERE.

Here is also a short sum-up thing :

Number of countries visited : 6 (Tibet, China, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam).

Trip duration : Over 2 months and a half.

Total distance : I didn't really count, probably because distances don't mean much, but i'd say over 5000km.

Average daily distance : Again it depends, it was about 70km around Tibet and China and over 150km in Vietnam, Cambodia, etc.

Max distance in one day : Over 170km.

Coldest temperature : Probably under -25°C.

Warmest temperature : About 35°C.

Hardest day : In Tibet, reaching a pass at 5008m with a nearly empty stomach, with a shit bike that i had to push over 35km of an exclusively uphill dirt road with a violent wind bullying me around.

Best day : I had several, but none really sticks out of the bunch.

Biggest disappointment : Laos, which i found simply uninteresting in many ways. And also not finding a way, after i had had a problem with my back wheel in Tibet to complete the 100km to the next town on my own. Instead i hitchhiked and i regret it as it didn't happen again later on in the trip.

Greatest surprise : Yunnan (China), very different from what i was expecting and from what many travellers expect too. The people were really nice and helpful, they weren't sneaky bastards trying to make me pay more than the price (unlike in Laos) and the place is absolutely not touristic except for a few towns that i did not go to, a great joy !

Worse idea : Buying a bike in Tibet instead of bringing my own.

Best idea : Travelling quite light and with no high-tech stuff, made me enjoy the trip a lot more.



Rachacuca said...

Wot up, Thomas..

i've read all your posts along the trip, it seemed really amazing..
the photos are great.. and funny..
and surreal sometimes.. lol..
that tunnel is quite scary..

congrats, bro..
i hope you had a blast..

see you soon..


Anonymous said...

Great photos Thomas, cuttes places.
And great magnify

See you soon in Spain Thomas! ^^

Take care :D

And Welcome!

Kyle Shapiro said...

Je suis jaloux. J'ai toujours voulu faire quelque chose semblable. Cela ressemble à de toi a eu une expérience incroyable. Les images sont vraiment belles/drôles/intéressantes aussi!

Le bon travail pour l'accomplir.

jin said...

incredible, what an achievement and I am sure that you will go back with an even bigger thirst for adventure.

Shame we couldnt meet up, but the photos are really beautiful and give only a small notion into how full the trip must have been,


Anonymous said...

I just had to think of you and the comments about Laos: - CNN reporting "Mass tourism swamps Asia's once remote places," explicitly talking about Siem Reap and Luang Prabang... sounds like you described it.

mrKaizen said...

Cool pictures, man..
I think this type of experiences makes you really free and gives new meaning to the word "live". New points of view, new feelings..

Hope to see you again one day in Prato, where you will tell us some of you adventures ;)


Anonymous said...

read your posts with interest, fine pics as well, nice one,
best wishes,

David (Jins dad)

Anonymous said...

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we will begin translating once we have your permission.


Thomas said...

HAHA, "master Blane" ?? My name is Thomas and i do not have the honnor of being a master, and even less master Blane for that matter, but yeah, go ahead and translate the text if you want, you have my permission, thanks for asking.