Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Operation "PizzaNinjas"

EDIT June 22nd :

After 3 great weeks in Italy, the team has made it back safely home. The car, although losing part of a headlight has proved to be worth its reputation of invincibility and offered us many hours of happy travelling in various beautiful landscapes, despite being even slower than planned (barely 90km/h in the best cases).

We quickly realised that we wouldn't have time to do all that was planned and had to improvise according to that. Nonetheless, we managed to train in 5 different cities (Torino, Genova, Firenze, Roma, Milano) and we visited a few other places such as the dolomites, enjoying very memorable moments as we went.

Kiell will soon publish some great photos of the trip that i will also add to my blog, and we are expecting a video from Blane too, so stick around.

A huge thanks to all the traceurs and people who trained with us, hosted us, or helped us in any sort of way, you will always be welcome in our homes.

I also wish to apologise to all the people that we couldn't visit. you have been very kind to invite us but we just couldn't make it, but there will be more trips like this and sooner or later we will train together. I'm sorry if we forgot to contact some people that we said we would, but for our defence, the closing of brought a lot of complications as it was the only way we had of contacting certain persons.


At the very end of this month (May), Operation PizzaNinjas will be launched : a commando of 3 traceurs will be assembled in the secret location of Tours, France (47"25'13 N / 0"42'08 E). Their high risk top secret mission will consist on advancing strategically south all across France, over the Alps and through the frontlines of Italy in order to infiltrate their main designated targets (in order : Torino, Genova, Florence, Roma, Napoli and Milano).

Their objectives will be as follows :

_ Establish contact with local traceurs
_ Train their asses off and enjoy their time
_ Gather video and photographic intelligence for further analysis
_ Still undercover, return safely to their HQ in Tours a.k.a. "Thomas' place", which is also the extraction point for 2 of them.

To help them with their task, they will be equipped with leading-edge technology in terms of tactical autopropelled rapid-maneuvering conveying systems, in the form of a brand new ultralight 1976 Citroen 2cv car that will carry them and their gear at the science-defying speed of 110 km/h or 70 mph (given that the road is flat with little to no wind).

The three men commando will operate under highly extreme conditions (sunny weather, tasty food, enjoyable scenery, beautiful ladies, etc.). This is why Parkour's finest and most prestigious traceurs have been carefully selected for this mission.
Unfortunately they refused, so the task has been cast upon 3 random guys :

Thomas "des-bois" Couetdic
Distinctive trait : Occasionally eats frozen food, posesses Bart Simpson socks and wears them.

Chris "Blane" Rowat
Distinctive trait : Enjoys wearing a beanie under any weather condition, believes he draws his strength from eating Weetabix.

Andy "Kiell" Day
Distinctive trait : People on crack find him a ressemblance to Harry Potter.

These men do not know the meaning of fear, or of apocatastasis, or of paraskevidekatriaphobia, but we trust they will carry out their orders with great rigor.
In the case of a successful outcome, a debriefing will be made and intelligence will be shared on this very top secret and restricted internet page.


Rachacuca said...

Roger that, Bravo.

I'll keep working on my civilian action/training program and wait for the best conclusion of your mission.

Keep the brazilian compound updated and commo after evac'd.

Best luck to the squad.


Bruno Rachacuca is off,


Yves said...


Arteba said...

HAHAHAHA..good look on your trip ...enjoy le ragazze, and good trainings =)

Luiz Gustavo said...

have a nice trip man! actually a nice adventure I hope!

and a yooooosh for the tasty food and nice ladies!

see ya mate!

TraceurZeno said...

lol... I hope your trip provides lots of action, fun & good training.

I will keep an eye out for future posts on this adventure.



P.S. Thanks again for your help on getting me to the top of the Dame Du Lac, it was the perfect location to finally have met you Thomas.

Samson said...

Wow your really tough not fearing friday the 13.

wish you guys tons of fun.

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