Monday, October 20, 2008

Some news perhaps ?

It's been a while since i gave some news, probably because i didn't know what to speak about (though it's really not like nothing has been going on).

After completing a really cool 3 weeks long trip to Italy (photos HERE) with Blane and Kiell (another HUGE thanks to all the Italian traceurs who trained and helped us out !), i moved to London and have been living there for a few months, teaching classes with ParkourGenerations.
I enjoy this new life a lot, earning a living with my passion is something really great, and helping people discover their hidden potential is so even more...

Although i enjoy each class i teach for different reasons (regular class, advance, and girls'), i must admit i have a slight preference for the girls' class i teach with Tracey (of course you do, which guy wouldn't ? Smart ass...). Before that, i had only trained with less than a handful of (talented) girls (like Silex, Hollie or Liv), nevermind teaching them, and i thought i would have to learn so much about their psychology before being able to teach them anything, but it turns out i find a lot of similarities between their approach to Parkour, and the one i had during my first years as a traceur (same fears, doubts, etc.), which helps me to identify myself to them a great deal.
Some of the girls over here are very dedicated and i find that women are nothing close to being weak, they can be in fact damn efficient (I'll always remember how scared, yet impressively focused and determined Lauren was when she climbed with Kaz and i to the top of the Dame du Lac in Lisses) !
The female Parkour scene is still making its first steps thanks to the efforts of a few pioneering girls in different areas of the globe, and i'd be very proud if i could be responsible for at least a fraction of its development and the expression of the traceuses' potential, women have not yet shown all that they are capable of.

Apart from that, I'm starting to go over my travel photos nostalgically, which is a good hint that it's time to hit the road again. I've already got a clear idea of what my next trip will be, it will take me back to certain places i haven't seen enough but also to many new ones, and it should be longer and more intense than anything i've done before (though i will not limit myself to cycling this time).
For weather reasons, i won't be leaving before the beginning of 2009, which leaves me time to prepare things comfortably, and to enjoy moments with my friends/students.

I'd like to add that i still plan on writing Parkour related articles on this blog, but it's just a matter of finding the time at the moment.
Thanks for the support and nice comments !


gato said...

always waiting for new thoughts..

Ricardo M.A said...

Always waiting for new posts...

Rachacuca said...

Salut, Thomas.

I'm glad you're doing so fine. Can't wait to move to London and experience this sort of motivation with the Parkour scene.

Good luck on your preparation.

See you soon, mon ami.


michat said...

put the erotic pic in the bdidge form finland