Monday, March 9, 2009

Erwan Le Corre's Movnat

My good friend Erwan aka "Hebertiste" on the internet, is just being featured in the current Men's Health magazine in the USA, in a lengthy article regarding his new/ancestral method of training called Movnat (short for "mouvement naturel").
Many of you might have discovered it in this video :

For those like me unable to catch a copy of the whole article, a short version can be found on the magazine's website here .

Be sure not to miss it as it's absolutely brilliant !


gato said...

big up for movnat.. hope to see erwan in italy!

Eliot said...

Haha great, just jumped on to my blog to make a post about movnat, and my update alarms came up with this! :D

Julie Angel said...

Itacare where Erwan is based is incredible, hope to go back there soon!

takeshi said...

Just have a look :)