Thursday, February 18, 2010

What's up ?

Well, it’s been a while since i posted anything, so what happened ? A lot and nothing ! The second leg of the Eurasia trip was a lot shorter than expected, I flew back to Turkey with a new passport, bought yet another shitty bicycle in Istanbul and set off towards Ankara, the capital. I needed at least that to bring back to mind my Tibetan experience, and the conclusions I had drawn for future trips : “you like challenges and travels, but you hate cycling, so stop travelling the world on shitty bicycles !”.

I kept on remembering the cool 2cv trip to Italy I had done with Blane and Kiell and, as I was being dangerously overtaken by numbers of noisy vehicles on the busy Istanbul – Ankara road, I decided I was done with my “challenge through cycling” era, that I had reassured myself enough to be satisfied about it (isn’t self-reassurance the most common reason for challenges ?) and that I was ready for a more comfortable means of transportation, the motorcycle, in order to explore different aspects of travelling. Yes, in a way, it’s not as honourable as the bicycle, but if it allows me to go to places I wouldn’t have visited otherwise, and to spend more time training and experiencing rather than just peddling all day, then without a doubt it’s a step forward that I’m eager to make (and motorcycles are really cool too !)…

So I still covered the 500km to Ankara (had my share of interesting experiences, as usual) and spent some lovely days there before returning to London to teach with Parkour Generations, back to square one. After 5 months of learning the piano (under the supervision of my good friend Tracey), training magic (under the supervision of my good friend the mirror ), having my hair cut short in exchange for a really neat headcam, and also teaching a bit of Parkour, I came back to France (made a stop in Mexico for an event, on the way, kind of…), and bought my motorcycle : a little second-hand Yamaha 125cc, perfect for big travels, as my searches indicated.

So what’s the new goal ? To have no goal, for as long as it feels right… All I know is that I’ll be heading South very soon, and perhaps East as well later on, I still have some travel-visions on hold for Iran and Pakistan and it’s been waiting for too long…

Not sure how much I’ll be writing about my progress, if at all, but I’ll soon have a new article up for reading as well as a written interview (maybe) I did for a mag a little while ago.

In the meantime, bon vent to all and happy doing-what-ever-you-like-to-do :)

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Luiz Gustavo said...


its a nice new ride man! hope you have some amazing experiences with it :) I just got a Honda 300, 3 weeks with it, its just amazing how it feels to ride it... I plan some long travels for the future, since Brasil is so huge I don't even need to travel abroad and travel 20000 + km and we have the whole south american deserts and mountains in the 10000 km range, maybe you can add some trip to Ushuaia to your own plans in the future ;)

see ya and good luck!