Thursday, April 5, 2007

What's this blog about ?

First of all, why the hell am i writing in english although i'm french ? Because i have friends (yes i do) all over the world, speaking different languages, and i want to share my stuff with as many of you as i can. English is the international language, understandable by many (including my dear french fellow-citizens) !

I'm usually not so much into sharing private details about my life, and actually, that's not what i'll do here. I just think that a blog is a good, easy, and fast way to share photos, experiences, training tips, etc. with many people all at the same time instead of doing it one by one...
I'll also post about subjects that have nothing to do with all of this but that i find interesting nonetheless.

I don't know how often i will post, this will depend on the time i have and the things i have to share.

I just hope you like my blog !



takeshi said...

Very good initiative Thomas, very altruistic. Given the life you had (and still have of course ^^) and your humbleness when facing it, this blog will share a maner of acting in a different way. I'm sure it'll be very inspiring and I can't wait reading other posts.

Tony said...

je viens de découvrir ton blog, continues il est bien !