Thursday, April 5, 2007

A word about me

I was born in Arpajon (France) and i spent my childhood travelling. I lived in Virginia (USA) during five years, New Caledonia during 2 years, and i moved from town to town in France every 2 years. Why ? Because my father was in the army and he was always working in different places... The family just followed.
So since very young, i got used to breaking my roots and not seeing just one place as my home. This probably explains the thirst for movement (in all possible ways) that i have today.

I've been into Parkour since April of 2001, after seeing something on tv about it. A few years later i started getting interested in all types of adventures after reading a book written by Mike Horn about his travel around the world following the equator. I did several bicycle trips alone, for a start, and i'm now moving on to bigger things (but i'll tell you more about this soon).

What's my goal ? To challenge myself, to discover what i'm really made of and how far i can go.

To illustrate my point, here's something written by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, the writer of the "Petit Prince" :

"La terre nous en apprend plus long sur nous mêmes que tous les livres. Parce qu'elle nous résiste. L'homme se découvre quand il se mesure avec l'obstacle."

meaning :

"The earth teaches us more about ourselves than all the books.
Because it resists us. Man discovers himself when he measures
himself against the obstacle."


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tres intiresno, merci