Thursday, July 5, 2007

Travel plans

Hello to all !

To anyone for whom it may be of interest : from the 19th of August to the 20th of September, i will not be available for any training session or event.

I am leaving on a trip to Thailand during that period.

Thank you for understanding !



Soilwork said...

glad to see you moving again :) keep me updated

Sofia Magalhães said...

Good for you! Thats great!

I sent you an email about my trip to france.. have you got it? I never see you online =/

Julian said...

wow cool stuff, any intentions for your stay there?
by the way, loved reading your cycle adventure below, inspired me to plan another of my own, pictures are great too,

Bruno Rachacuca said...

glad to see you moving again :) keep me updated" [+2]


i'll keep in touch through email.
take care.