Friday, September 21, 2007

Back from Thailand !

I just got back from a really cool month in Thailand with Kazuma and Stéphane and, after their trip back to France, alone in northern Thailand and on Phi Phi islands.

A few highlights :

_A pickup truck ride to Koh Samui (where we spent some really great evenings) with Johann and Julien (Steph's 2 brothers) along with a few other friends.
_A one day motorcycle roadtrip to Bangkok with Kaz.
_Making a great friend in Chiang Mai (North)
_A scooter trip in the northern countryside.
_Some crazy solitary island exploration /camping.
_All the rest...

I was afraid that this trip might pull me away from my goals, Thailand is a country that can mess up a person's mind if he doesn't really know what he wants in life, but it turned out that it made them shine with even greater light and i know now more than ever what really matters to me and what doesn't.

Thanks to all the people i spent this month with for making it what it was !

Thailand i'll be back...




Brad said...

Hey Thoma,

Just had a quick look and a read though, some really amazing pictures.

You're doing the kind of things I hope to be doing in the near future, hope all is well and hope to see you in the UK again, soon.

I'm doing some writings on the 'Spirit of Parkour' currently, and will share them online when I am happy with the way they turn out, I'll drop a message when they are done.

Take care

Brad Moss

The Saiyans said...

Hey mate looks like you had an amazing time, your adventures are fast becoming the stuff of legends in the uk and as all way I bet you have some interesting story's to tell, have to talk soon.
all the best

Colorado said...

Hey Thomas,

I didn't know you were in Thailand! Looks like fun but I am glad you were back in Lisses and able to meet up with me. Thanks again for meeting me, teaching me, and showing me around Lisses. I look forward to coming back and training with you again!

- Ryan Ford

rachacuca said...

Hi Thomas,

It really seems that you had blast.
Those pics are amazing.

Keep in touch.

See ya.


Thomas said...

Thanks everyone !!! Thailand was really great.
Brad, be sure to tell me when you're done with your writing.

Best wishes to everyone !