Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I'd like to express my warmest congratulations to the several traceurs that have travelled, are travelling, or will travel on their own adventures, and to those that are exploring any other kind of activity (climbing, marathons, gymnastics, martial arts, music, photography, painting, writing, playing mahjong, etc.) in their perpetual struggle for perfection, as one thing always ends up leading to another.

It seems that i am not the only one that Parkour is leading to other things, and i hope it will keep on going this way.
Diversity is strength for ourselves ; sharing it is strength for everyone !

Special encouragements to Daniel and Raimundo from the Adrenaline team for their ambitious Paris-Dakar walk.

Good luck to each and everyone for your projects !



shinobi said...

good luck to you to bro.

ZackSpec said...

How i wish you could come to Singapore and train with me.

Symph said...

Merci Thomas pour ces pages simples et belles, vos images pleines de vie et de lumières (que ce soit celles des montagnes, des sous-bois, des êtres ou des mots).

The Saiyans said...

I must get away from LDN!